Announcements For Computer Music Live

Computer Music Live / Citrusonic is a New Podcast dedicated to Live Computer Music. Here youll be able to experience and listen to the hottest Live Computer Music, Techno, Battle, Scratching, Breakcore. DNB, Dub, Techno, Trance, House, Hip Hop, Jazz. The best Jungle Music you will ever hear! New Podcasts are posted on a weekly basis and you may submit your work by visiting and or contacting Thank you, be sure to tell friends, DJs, Producers and Artists to subscribe to Computer Music Podcast
Announcements For Lemur

Composer who created eMusic. Reaktor, Max/MSP & Computer Gosu. Music on iTunes and the podcast called "Computer Music Live" is a weekly thing for fans. Apps on Amazon, the Apple App Store & the Android Marketplace.

Want to know what is what in Multi Touch. Need Patches for your ne Lemur? Visit the main site.  
Announcements For My Blog

A blog about my experiences with music, gear, software, hardware and events. Inspired by life, data and record keeping. Archive of Reports. Story of something else, movies and adventures.   
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